Happy Birthday George Washington

February 22, 2007 at 11:07 pm (history)

A Photo from Neddy

“A good moral character is the first essential in a man.” ~~George Washington

George WASHINGTON (1732 – 1799) was born on February 22, 1732, at “Popes Creek”, a home that his father had built in the 1720s in Westmoreland County, Virginia. In 1770, “Popes Creek” was renamed “Wakefield”, and on Christmas Day of 1779, Washington’s birthplace burned to the ground, leaving only the crushed oyster shell foundation remaining. George Washington was raised there and in Fairfax and King George Counties, Virginia.

This life size display of General Washington as Commander in Chief is from the new museum center at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

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The image, George Washington, was originally uploaded by barneykin. It is posted here from Neddy’s flickr.

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